2 juillet 2007

International Migration, Economic Development, and Policy

The World Bank is pleased to invite you to the launch of its new report International Migration, Economic Development, and Policy to be presented in Brussels on July 10, 2007 at the occasion of the Global Forum on Migration and Development hosted by the Government of Belgium.

This report presents a new global migration database and includes studies of the
determinants and impact of return and circular migration, the impact of the flow
of ideas on fertility, host country policies and their impact on immigrants, and
the impact of international migration and remittances on poverty and other
development indicators.

The studies cover countries from Latin America, North Africa, South Asia, the
South Pacific, and Western Europe, and show that the impact of migration on
education and health tends to benefit girls more than boys, that its impact on
labor force participation tends to be stronger for women than men, that return
migrants tend to do better than non-migrants, and that fertility has tended to
decline in countries whose migration has been to the West and has failed to do
so in countries whose migration has been to the Gulf.

The new brain drain and migration databases have already served as a basis for a
number of studies, and it is our hope that the present volume will serve to
stimulate further research and provide a stronger basis for policy analysis in
this important area.

Presented by :
- Maurice Schiff and Caglar Ozden, Lead Authors, World Bank

Chaired by :
- Luca Barbone, Director, World Bank
Comments by :
- H.E. Sandra Fuentes, Ambassador of Mexico to the EU
- Representative of the European Commission (tbc)

When : 2.00-3.30 pm, Tuesday July 10, 2007

Where : Hôtel Jolly du Grand Sablon, Rue Bodenbroekstraat 2-4, 1000, Brussels

Please register by July 6 latest.